In-Ground Solid Winter Covers

The last cover you should ever need.

Guaranteed to be the highest quality and lowest priced solid winter cover that secures to your deck and includes water bags to seal to the deck!!!!

Designed and built to be the last cover you should ever need.

You should never buy another tarp with water bags ever again. For close to the same money you can now get our amazing cover. The Brass anchors that come with every cover has a 180.00 value and they are included with every cover. Our cover is truely the best of both worlds.

Our built in water bags will seal the cover to the deck not allowing any debris to get into your pool like all other winter or safaty covers allow.

While we do not claim to be a safety cover we are definately a safer than a tarp with waterbags. You can buy 5 to 7 of our covers compared to just one of the other covers that secure to your deck.