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Hurricane Above Ground Cover

These covers offer the most complete and maintenance free protection of any other cover. Patented Design. These are the only covers to offer a 50MPH wind Guarantee. These covers can be customized to fit on above ground pools with no decks, partial decks or full decks. They come with sand tube and a center drain that allows any rain water to simple go down the drain. No more cover pumps or siphon hoses ever again to worry about. Protects your investment and provides a safer environment than standard tarps.

Easy Dome Covers

For customers who desire complete maintenance free winters. It will shed all water and debris
off your cover and out of your pool.

Wind Guarantee

Self Drains
The Water Off

Pocket Design

Extra Security
and Stability

Unique Cover Drain - now included!
  • This very unique feature will allow you to: Install your above ground cover and not worry about buying a pump that you have to constantly keep plugging in and unplugging all winter.
  • Includes a vertical filter that will allow leaves to be on the cover without stopping up the drain and filters out debris from getting into your pool.
  • A great feature that is unlike any other above ground cover out there.
Why Buy Our Covers???
  • No. 1 reason - protects your investment
  • No. 2 reason - our patented design makes us the only covers that can offer a 50 mph. Wind guarantee! No.
  • No. 3 reason - We know we are not the cheapest cover out there. Our covers are simply not another Tarp to lay over your pool. They are designed covers to last, protect and save money and time when opening your pool in the spring. Think about the time and money it cost if you ever had to open up your pool and the water was black or Green, full of debris and leaves because your cheap tarp blew off or tore over the winter. WIth our covers this will not happen, saving you time and money.
More than 10 Years
in Business
  • Like us on Facebook™ Check us out on YouTube™ Be sure and check out all of our products. We now offer an aftermarket center drain kit that will drain 90% of water off any cover or tarp - only $19.95! Go to our Shop Now page and click on accessories!

About Us

Easy Dome Pool Covers LLC in Henderson, Kentucky, offers the next generation of above ground as a solution to the number one problem common among pool owners, pool accessory distributors, and pool manufacturers — a dependable above-ground.

After 35 years of experience, we finally have come up with reliable pool covers that withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour.
Our products are made from durable materials, and features all of the accessories needed for a complete installation.
Count on all of our Pool Covers to maintain the integrity of your swimming pool during bad weather conditions all year round.
Make your pool a pleasure to open instead of a nightmare.

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