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First – unroll cover at one end of the pool. Two people should drag the cover over the pool without letting the front of the cover dip into the water. We recommend you fold the front of the cover back a couple of times. Keep the cover tight between you so it does not drag into the water.

Once the cover is over the pool, you need to center it over the pool. Once centered, go all around the pool and push the cover down the side and on top of the water, like in the picture.

Installation Instructions Image 1

Try and get all of the wrinkles out of the cover. Check to make sure the cover is still centered.

Now, start inserting your water bags. Take the end of the bag that is closed and place it in the pocket through the second slit from the end of the pocket. Slide it all the way to the end of the pocket and place the remaining part the other way. You want about 2 feet of the bag to stick out of the last slit in the pocket. Place the bags end to end all the way around the cover, leaving about 2 feet sticking out between each bag. If the bag is to long you can cut it to fit. The two feet sticking out is where you are going to fill each bag. You want to fill up a 5 gallon bucket and time how long it takes to do that. Then fill up each bag for that amount of time. When you are finished filling the bag, roll the open end up over and over like a cigar then place the rolled up section on top of the bag in the pocket. This will keep it from leaking and unrolling.

Make sure the next bag is right up against the one you just filled. Now fill all of the remaining bags the same way.

With all the bags being filled you can now set your anchors in the concrete deck. Start at each end and pull the strap over the pocket holding the bag until it is snug. Now make a mark through the grommet on the deck. Do the other end the same way. I recommend you chalk a straight line from mark to mark. This will make all of your anchors be in a nice straight line. Pull the remaining straps over the pocket until it touches the chalked line then mark your hole. When all the holes are marked you can now start drilling the holes. Use a hammer drill with a ¾” concrete bit to drill the hole. Make sure you go at least ¼” deeper than your anchor. Remove the concrete dust out of the hole and place your anchor in the hole and using the tamping tool drive the anchor into the hole until the top of the anchor is flush with the deck. (If the hole is not deep enough it will not let the anchor go all the way down flush.) It is very important to make sure your hole is deep enough. Follow this procedure for the other three sides of the pool.

When all the anchors are set you can start hooking up your straps. Unscrew the screw out of the anchor, place it through the grommet and screw it back into the anchor, leaving about ½ inch sticking up. Do this to all the straps and anchors and you are done. Now place an automatic cover pump on top of the cover to keep the water off the cover over the winter and leave it plugged in all winter.

You can also go to YouTube and search how to install a Hurricane in the ground pool cover.

Installation Instructions Image 2

Remember – This cover is not a safety cover but only a safer cover than a regular tarp. Never let any person or animal get on the cover.