Pool Products

Easy Dome offers three types of above ground winter pool covers.

We manufacture three types of winter covers for above ground pools. First are the Hurricane covers. They come in round and oval sizes. Second are the Easy Dome covers that come with a Hurricane cover and a full size inflatable pillow that goes under the cover. Third is our new Entry level cover called the Warrior. Heavier than most tarps and comes with a reinforced edging that will not allow it to rip or tear in high winds. All provide the home owner with options on how to protect there pool.

Easy Dome Covers

They will fit any round pool up to 28 foot round and any oval pool up to 18x33. They include the cover and a large inflatable air pillow made out of 12 mil vinyl that is one foot larger than your pool size. This air pillow creates a dome over your pool when inflated that will shed rain water, snow and leaves and debris from entering your pool. Every Easy Dome cover will come with a Hurricane cover - Inflatable air pillow - comes with the right amount of sand tubes.

Easy Dome Covers 

Hurricane Above Ground Pool Covers

Now comes with our Basic Drain Kit included:: Hurricane above ground covers come in a large variety of sizes, round and ovals. Every Hurricane cover comes with our Basic Drain Kit and the right amount of water bags included. Because of our special design our drain kit will drain all the water off your cover without using any pumps or syphon hose. The rain water will simply go through our filter and  into the pool and overflow out the bottom of your skimmer and onto the ground. Imagine not having that huge mess to clean up every spring when you go to remove your cover. Each Cover comes with a 1 year replacement and 15 year prorated warranty. These covers were designed to attach to pool with no decks, partial decks or full decks. We offer an accessory pack that inlcudes 8 or 12 screw in stakes and bungee cords at a great price to better secure our cover and get the 50 MPH wind guarantee. Stakes an Bungee cords are not necessary, only if you ant the 50mph wind guarantee

Patented Pocket Design

Secure your pool with the most innovative pool cover to hit the market in the last 65 years. Our products feature a unique pocket that runs around the pool cover. Simply place several of our water bags, sand, or gravel tubes to add weight all the way around the cover, keeping the cover tightly secured to the pool. The right amount of water bags are included with every cover. It also has straps strategically placed five feet apart from each other around the cover. Use the straps to further stabilize the pool cover with the our optional kit of stakes and bungee cords or brass anchors if you have a deck. Our unique drain kit that only work on our covers and stop worrying about all the green water and debris that gets on every cover over the winter months. No more cover pumps or siphoning off water. All of our pool covers will work great for pools with full or partial decks as well.

Custom Sand Tubes

All of our covers will come with the proper amount of our custom sand/gravel tubes. These tubes are 5 feet long and will hold 25 lbs of sand or small pea gravel. You will use these year after year as long as you store them out of the sun over the summer months. We do offer water bags as an option.

Winter Pillows

We offer three different types of Winter pillows. These pillows work better with our covers but will also work with any tarp or other cover. You just do not have that wind guarantee if something was to happen to the cover. Our Domed winter pillow is the same size as your pool. It comes with a long trunk for adding air at start up and over the winter if necessary.

It is long enough to hand down past the cover for easy access.

Our Gorilla Pilla's are very unique compared to any other winter pillows. First they are made with two layers of material. An inner layer that inflates and an outer layer to protect the pillow. This makes them hold air longer and very strong under heavy snow loads. The 4 foot by 8 foot winter pillow is our basic winter pillow. The 12 foot round winter pillow is the largest winter pillow in the market. It was designed to act as a winter pillow and push all of the debris and water closer to the edge of the pool where it is so much easier to remove. We believe this should be a no brainer for anyone who owns an above ground pool. Finally - We are the only manufacturer to offer a one year full replacement warranty on our pillows. For any reason the pillow tears or loses air over the winter we will replace it for free.

Warrior Cover - 12 year

We are proud to announce our newest above ground pool cover, the Warrior Cover. This is our new entry level tarp. We designed This tarp to be the best entry level tarp for the money. Our Warrior Cover is the only tarp that offers a reinforced binding material added all the way around the edge of the tarp. This makes it impossible to rip or tear. The material is heavier and stronger than most tarps, 170 gram. Comes with a 12 year Prorated warranty, It is made of stronger material, UV and Freeze/ thaw protection and a black bottom to prevent algae growth. Also comes with a cable, ratchet and 3 extra feet of material. We are the only company that does not make you send back your cover if there is a warranty claim./ saves you money. Special Offer! Anyone who buys this cover now and decides at a later date they would like to move up to one of our Hurricane or Easy Dome covers, they will receive a 10% discount off the price of either cover.