Why purchase a better cover?

Why purchase a better cover?

Until now, every above ground pool owner went out and bought the cheapest winter cover they could find. What they did not realize is a good quality winter cover provides a lot of savings and time. 1. Protects your investment and Pool.  2. Makes sure your water in the spring will be clear and ready instead of nasty and green. This saves you money on the chemicals it takes to resolve a green pool not to mention the week or two of your time spent cleaning it up. Even though our covers are not a Safety Cover, they do provide a safer environment for children and animals than a tarp. We are the only covers that offers a 50 mph. wind guarantee.

Our new In Ground covers were designed to replace all tarps. For not much more money, our new In Ground solid Winter covers will give you a high quality cover that will be safer than a tarp and be the last cover you will have to buy. You do not have to spend 2,000 dollars to get a good winter cover for your in ground pool. Our In Ground covers secure to your concrete deck with the anchors that we provide and keep debris out of your pool from blowing under the cover with our water bags included. They are a lot easier to install than a regular winter cover and are much lighter, making them easier to move around and store.  

  • Jack Richards