Why buy our covers????

No. 1 reason - protects your investment

No. 2 reason - our patented design makes us the only covers that can offer a 50 mph. Wind guarantee! No.

No. 3 reason - our hurricane above ground covers include a center drain that keeps water off your cover without worrying about pumps or siphoning off the water. This extends the life of your cover and creates a cleaner and safer environment. Our hurricane in ground covers offers all of the protection of a solid winter cover at more than half the price.

Final reason -our above ground covers are made stronger and it will last longer and comes with over $100.00 in accessories included like built in center drain and water bags. Our in ground covers come with over $200.00 in accessories like brass concrete anchors and water bags.

Unique cover drain - now included!

  1. This very unique feature will allow you to: Install your above ground cover and not worry about buying a pump that you have to constantly keep plugging in and unplugging all winter.
  2. Includes a vertical filter that will allow leaves to be on the cover without stopping up the drain and filters out debris from getting into your pool.
  3. A great feature that is unlike any other above ground cover out there.

More than five years in business

Like us on Facebook™ Check us out on YouTube™ Be sure and check out all of our products. We now offer an aftermarket center drain kit that will drain 90% of water off any cover or tarp - only $19.95! Go to our Shop Now page and click on accessories!